Leberecht Migge: The Original Landscape Design 1910-1920

Hansjörg Gadient, Simon Orga

Birkhaüser, 2018


Leberecht Migge is one of the best known – and least known garden designers of classical modernism. As a protagonist or even originator of landscape architecture in tune with innovative and socially involved building, he promoted that every household should have a garden. All his design work was deemed lost until recently, so that his oeuvre was accessible only in publications. In a spectacular discovery, the Archive of Swiss Landscape Architecture has found 322 sketches, drawings and plans of all kinds by Leberecht Migge, comprising also hitherto unknown designs for private gardens.
A relevant selection of this original material is published here for the first time, in bestquality presentation. The volume is rounded off by an assessment of the significance of these designs.

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ISBN: 9783035613599

288 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 29 × 29 cm, hardcover in kaft, Engels/Duits