Le Corbusier. Elements of A Synthesis

Updated Edition

Stanislas von Moos

010 Publishers, Rotterdam, 2009


In the meantime, Le Corbusier’s archives in Paris have become available for research, which resulted in an avalanche of scholarship and produced a large number of detailed studies on topical aspects of the work. No less than three catalogues raisonnés of Le Corbusier’s entire production as an architect and artist are now available, not to mention various often serendipitous biographical studies.
Von Moos’ critical take and the basic criteria by which the subject is organized and historicized remain surprisingly pertinent in the context of this recent jungle of Corbusier studies. This new, completely revised edition is based on the 1979 version published in English by the MIT Press but offers a substantially updated body of illustrations. Each of the seven chapters is supplemented by a critical survey of recent scholarship on the respective issues.

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ISBN: 9789064506420

368 pages, illustrations, 24 × 17 cm, paperback, English