Le Corbusier. Albums of North Africa

Travels to M'Zab 1931 and 1933 (last copy)

Danièle Pauly

Fondation Le Corbusier, Paris & AAM Editions, Bruxelles, 2013


In August 1931 and March 1933 Le Corbusier traveled to Africa, and carried with him – in addition to his usual pocket notebooks – two big spiral sketchbooks, which are now the most valued items held at the Fondation Le Corbusier.
The sketchbooks contain drawings of characteristic scenes captured in Moroccan villages, portraits of Moorish women, female nudes, landscapes of the Bay of Algiers or the Marseille coast, aerial photographs taken in the Sahara desert and many sketches of M’Zab; a thousand year old civilization living in the oasis of Ghardaia.

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ISBN: 9782871432753

208 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 31 x 23 cm, hardcover, Frans