Larry Clark: The Perfect Childhood – Sold out!

Scalo, 1995



The Perfect Childhood combines an overview of Clark’s work-ranging from collages and found images to photographs from his native Oklahoma in the late 1960’s-with a new series of tender and erotic portraits of a skater boy-the latest incarnation of the mythical eternal youth Clark investigates and idolizes in his work. Material from the past 30 years is combined to create one new work of art-overwhelming proof of the consistency of Clark’s artistic vision. The book is as raunchy and brutally straightforward as it is melancholy and affectionate. Its attitude will confound all those thinking in comfortable and complacent opposites-gay and straight, creative and destructive, tenderness and violence, good and evil. Includes Clark’s controversial black and white photographs from the “Tulsa” and Teenage Lust” work, as well as previously unpublished color and black and white images.
Our copy is in perfect conditiona and still in the original plastic shrink-wrap.

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192 pagina's, 28,5 x 23,5 cm, 158 afbeeldingen, hardcover, Engels