Landscape as Territory

Clara Olóriz Sanjuán

Graham Foundation / Actar, 2019


Landscape as Territory is a cartographic book project that critically addresses the agency of architects in the so-called ‘Urban Age,’ understanding the notion of ‘territory’ as a field of design praxis through which interconnected landscapes are produced. Territory, understood as a ‘political technology,’ has the capacity to involve architects and designers into complex social, political, technical, legal, strategic and economic processes that are both historical and geographical engines of contemporary urbanization. Territorial praxis is interrogated in a collection of threaded theory and design contributions where essays pose key questions that are addressed through projective cartographies, unfolding arguments related to three sections: (1) territory, (2) critical cartographies and (3) agency.

This material intends to raise awareness about the consequential production of landscapes through territorial processes and urges a critical re-appropriation of cartographic tools, accomplice in the production of territories, and to question and expand the architect’s agency.


ISBN: 9781948765190

220 pagina's, 27,5 x 21 cm, kleurenillustraties, paperback, Engels