Kathy Acker: The Persian Poems (1980)

Kathy Acker, Robert Kushner

Bozeau of London Press, 1980


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Excerpted from Acker’s 1978 book Blood and Guts in High School, Persian Poems follows the story of Janey Smith, a young girl held captive by a Persian slave trader in New York City. After discovering a discarded Persian grammar book, she begins to write. As her fluency develops, Janey’s poems reveal disturbing details about the nature of her relationship with her captor and its effect on her maturing sexuality and perception of the world. Drawings from Robert Kushner illustrate the complicated erotic dynamics at play.

Our copy is in very good condition (a small dent in the upper rich corner of the cover), not signed – hence the price.

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52 pages, b/w illustrations, 25,2 x 18 cm, stapled paperback, Persian/English