KAAN Architecten, Portraits – 15 Buildings

Kees Kaan and Alice Colombo. (Eds.) Contributions by Ruud Brouwers, Pierre Chabard, and Kees Kaan

Park Books, 2022


KAAN Architecten, founded and led by Kees Kaan, Vincent Panhuysen, and Dikkie Scipio, promote Dutch building traditions of sustainability, welfare, pragmatism, and quality through a collaborative and analytical design approach. The Rotterdam-based firm, who run satellite offices in Paris and São Paulo, gained wide renown through complex public commissions that surpass traditional notions of typology and method. Their range includes government offices, museums, urban development projects, as well as buildings for health care, education, and research.
This first substantial monograph on KAAN Architecten offers a comprehensive survey of their most important projects to date. The fifteen buildings documented in the book are presented as different characters with varying physiognomies, but which belong to the same family and feature similar traits—hence the title of the book. Lavishly illustrated with photographs, visualizations, plans and drawings, and through essays by French architect, critic, and scholar of architectural history Pierre Chabard and by Dutch architectural critic, writer, and editor Ruud Brouwers, Portraits explores KAAN Architecten’s work using different lenses. By mapping out their complex genealogy, the book also highlights that the firm’s designs are not single autonomous entities but rather parts of a shared vision.

Kees Kaan is co-founder of Rotterdam-based firm KAAN Architecten. He is also a Professor of Architectural Design and Chair of the Department of Architecture at TU Delft.


ISBN: 9783038602859

330 pagina's, 195 kleur & 260 z/w illustraties en plannen, 30 x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels