Jürgen Partenheimer: Fragments from Finnegans Wake, James Joyce. Violer d’amores – Eight Drawings

Galerie Onrust, Amsterdam & Richter Verlag, 2004


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Artist book.
In the eight drawings in this artist book, Jürgen Partenheimer comes to grips with quotations from James Joyce–s Finnegans Wake, the last great work by the Irish writer, in which Joyce explored a subconscious dream world via a language he partly made up on his own. Partenheimer takes on this lyrical and onomatopoetic vocabulary by means of an extraordinarily sensitive application of lines and strokes that become poetic notations of the enigmatic world of Finnegans Wake.
Our copy is still in the original cardboard slipcase, but slightly curved, and stamped with number 00192



24 pagina's, 31,5 x 20,5 cm, paperback met papierwikkel, Japanse binding in foedraal, Engels