Jorinde Voigt: Immersion

Paul Feigelfeld, Jesi Khadivi

Hatje Cantz, 2020


In her new cycle of works, the artist Jorinde Voigt (*1977, Frankfurt am Main) again confronts the invisible: How do we perceive something? Immersion – the experience of complete absorption – is performatively expressed in Voigt’s art. Each piece begins with a series of actions that start when the paper is fully immersed in paint. At the center of each composition hovers the figure of the torus, an archaic, topographical, mathematical shape that Voigt conceives of as a model for perception, in combination with notations. The cycle comprises various formats, techniques, and materials, including ink, pencil, pastels, copper, and aluminum. This publication presents numerous plates featuring the 2018 cycle and provides documentary insight into the artist’s creative process.


ISBN: 9783775745246

320 pagina's, 31 x 26 cm, illustraties in kleur, paperback, Engels