Johan Muylle: Oeuvres / Works 1982-2020

Denis Gielen

MACS Grand Hornu & Mercatorfonds, 2021


Accompanying the retrospective exhibition No Room for Regrets that MACS dedicates to Johan Muyle, this important monograph traces the career of Belgian artist Johan Muylle (°1956) from his first assemblages of objects to his motorized sculptures through his monumental paintings. Organized in several thematic chapters, the work brings together many unpublished documents as well as an essay placing the work of the Belgian artist in the political and artistic context of the last thirty years. In order to account for the polymorphous character of the work, several aspects of the plastic thought of this prolific artist will be analyzed there. From the Situationist poetry of his first leaflets to the recycling of popular art codes, including the exotic and syncretic aesthetic inspired by the artist’s many trips around the world.


ISBN: 9789462302693

272 pagina's, 200 illustraties, 30 x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels/Frans