Jockum Nordström: All I Have Learned and Forgotten Again

Marc Donnadieu, John Hutchinson

Hatje Cantz, 2013


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Jockum Nordström (b. 1963, Stockholm) is one of the most renowned Swedish artists of his generation. He is inspired by music, poetry, and architecture-particularly the Stockholm suburb he grew up in and which both his drawings and his sculptures are referring to. Other important influences are Swedish academic and pop culture, as well as American folk art, Art Brut or Surrealist collages. Stylistically the artist’s works are based on poor materials like paper or cardboard, and developed in a manner that is naïve as well as erudite, both descriptive and enigmatic. Dotted with objects, animals and people, they tell us stories that are elegant, endearing, and rather disconcerting.
The publication comprises almost a hundred works of Jockum Nordström, unfolding a comprehensive panorama of his oeuvre, from the earlier pencil drawings to his more recent collages, including the architectural models and photographic collages.

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ISBN: 9783775735827

208 pages, 103 color illustrations, 26,5 x 22,5 cm, hardcover, English