Jean Van den Bogaerde: Architectuur 1955-1989

Geert Bekaert, Renaat Braem, Pierre Vago, Theo Van Looij

Jean Van den Bogaerde, 1989


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Belgian architect Jean Van den Bogaerde (1929-2023) is an architect who is less known than his contemporary Juliaan Lampens.
Like many architects of that time, Van den Bogaerde found inspiration in the international avant-garde, more specifically in Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe and Frank Lloyd Wright and the examples of the “Case Study House Program” in California. A kinship with Japanese architecture is expressed in the importance of integration into the environment, the wooden construction, the open plan design, the sliding doors, the overhangs.

In 1966 he built the Villa Arca, his personal domicile. The design as since been listed and protected as immovable heritage. It’ s a secret gem.

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168 pages, b/w illustrations, 20,9 x 20,8 cm, paperback, Dutch