Jean Royère

Pierre-Emmanuel Martin-Vivier

Norma Editions, Paris, 2017


In his early years, he complied with the constraints of rigorous functionalism, and in 1939 he presented a boudoir at the Salon des artistes décorateurs which provocatively marked the return to ornament. A fine observer of contemporary creation, Royère discovers from this period among the Scandinavians and the Italians, in particular Alvar Aalto and Gio Ponti, new forms to which he will associate his very personal ornamental repertoire declined with extreme virtuosity. From 1931 to 1972, this tireless traveler carried out more than a thousand projects around the world, from the development of the working class city of Aplemont in the north of France to the decoration of the palace of the Shah of Iran, creating with lightness and humor a style that evokes the desire for freedom of an era and will leave its mark on many contemporary designers.

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ISBN: 9782915542899

320 pagina's, 350 illustraties, 23 x 30,5 cm, hardcover, Engels