Jawlensky: La promesse du visage (Musée Cantini Marseille & La Piscine Roubaix)

Itzhak Goldberg (Ed.)

Fundación Mapfre & Gallimard, 2021


Russian painter, Kandinsky’s traveling companion during the first decade of the twentieth century in Munich, Alexej von Jawlensky offers the example of an artist who participates in modernity by experiencing borders: between expressionism and Fauvism, between figuration and abstraction. This singular work begins an exploration of the face, which becomes simpler over the years, moves away from resemblance, then blurs, loses its features, to become only a distant memory that we no longer arrive. to fix. Jawlensky, one might say, invents a paradoxical figure, that of the abstract face. IN FRENCH!


ISBN: 9782072906619

288 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 x 19 cm, paperback, Frans