Jake & Dinos Chapman: Enjoy More (Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf / Groninger Museum)

Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf & Groninger Museum, 2002


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The first single exhibition of the brother Jake and Dinos Chapman (born 1966 resp. 1962) titled “Hell” was an installation consisting of showcases arranged in the from of the swastika. In them tin- soldier sized figures execute scenarios of war, torture and violence. The apocalyptic scenes mixed with subliminal british humour were the subject of lively discussions in the art scene. The catalogue is less art-historical introduction and more an independent work of art. Descriptive essays on the art of the Chapmans, written by the directors of the exhibiting museums, are banished to the last five pages of the 125 page artist book. The actual catalogue consists of two works: On one hnd the reprint of an essay by the english philosopher Keith Ansell Pearson that discusses the concern about the future and evolution of the human life in the face of technology achievements and artifical intelligence. The text is arranged against the background of blazing flames and set in the forms of the “A” for anarchy, the “M” for McDonald’s or the shape of the swastika. The other work consists of 23 expressive etchings by the Chapmans that were designed particularly for this publication, transcending the essays themes in an eerie way. Art direction; Jake & Dinos Chapman, Simon Josebury.
In very fine condition

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120 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24,3 x 19,7 cm, paperback, Engels (met Nederlandse en Duitse vertaling)