I am I: Jos Devriendt Ceramics

Jos Devriendt

Copyright Slow Publishing, 2017


Jos Devriendt (1964) has a background in both ceramics and sculpture. He had solo exhibitions in New York City, London, and Tokyo, as well as in Belgium. Most of his work is made by hand, and are unique pieces, but, on occasion, occasionally he designed what he calls “low tech” products, lamps or tableware. ‘I am I’ is the first overview of his works from 1991 until 2017: tableware, vases, furniture, jewelry, but especially lamps and lighting fixtures in porcelain or stoneware, minimalist white or glazed with beautiful coloured glazes, and sometimes incorporating materials like wood, metal, and bronze. He makes often works in a thematic series, like ‘Night and Day’, the mushroom inspired lamps, ‘Squeeze’, ‘Space Horizon’.

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ISBN: 9789082763508

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