Hybrid, Masonry, Timber, Concrete, Steel (BUK ETHZ)

Irene von Meiss-Leuthold, Daniel Mettler, Daniel Studer, BUK ETHZ

BUK ETHZ & Birkhaüser, 2023


Methods of construction are evolving rapidly, driven by sustainability demands, new technical possibilities, the optimization of materials, and more efficient processes. This precise and detailed analysis of 25 Swiss projects render visible the often-hidden innovation within contemporary architecture. Five different construction methods are documented using photographs and isometric analytical drawings of building shells at a scale of 1:15. This book is intended to stimulate a profound discussion of future developments.

– Detailed insight into construction methods using the example of contemporary Swiss architecture
– Isometric detail drawings and a unique photo essay
– Buildings by EMI, Caruso St John, Peter Märkli, Meier Hug, Esch Sintzel, and many more


ISBN: 9783035627459

128 pagina's, 50 illustraties in kleur & 50 z/w, 30 x 22 cm, paperback, Engels