Housetag: European Collective Housing 2000- 2021 (TC Cuadernos)

Jose María de Lapuerta, Carmen Espegel, Andrés Cánovas

TC Cuadernos, 2021


This is a book that talks about concepts and that exemplifies them from the constructive practice. It is not an accumulation of housing drawings but a precise classification of the paths that European housing has taken at the beginning of the 21st century.

The architecture of housing has become mosaic in which the major architectural issues of our time are mixed: sociability, recycling, climate, care, agreements…

This book, in its almost 500 pages, aims to analyze the keys to understanding the collective housing project in Europe in the first twenty years of the 21st century. With texts by Dietmar Eberle, Marina Otero, Tatjana Schneider, Erik Stenberg, Jose María De Lapuerta, Carmen Espegel, Andrés Cánovas and a prologue by Iñaqui Carnicero.

Through the careful selection of the 54 cases that are collected from all over Europe, with photographs and plans, we seek to identify those key terms or concepts that are present in them and that have made it possible to generate a map of trends in European living in these first twenty years of the 21st century.

This publication has not only managed to generate an atlas of European housing built in these first years of the 21st century, but it is also a valuable document that allows us to glimpse what those issues will be that must be considered in the coming years, taking into account the needs and the challenges demanded by a constantly changing society.

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ISBN: 9788417753382

64 pagina's, 29,7 x 22 cm, paperback, Spaans/Engels