Houses in Finland

Harri Hautajärvi

Rakennustieto, Helsinki, 2011


Houses in Finland presents 33 individually designed homes from the turn of the century to the end of the 2010s. The houses differ from both mainstream mass-produced houses and from each other, for the simple reason that they have been designed according to the wishes of the residents. The houses are presented through a variety of photographs, drawings and texts.
In his broad-ranging introductory article, architect Harri Hautajärvi tells about the history of Finnish single-family house design, the cultural changes in dwelling, and current solutions for sustainable building. More restrictive building regulations have made the design of single-family houses increasingly demanding. The architect must take into consideration, among other things, the natural conditions of the plot, the energy-saving shape of the building, self-sufficiency in energy production, the life span of the building, and local and renewable building materials.
The houses in the book represent modern lifestyles lived close to nature. The buildings are placed skilfully on the plots, taking care not to damage the surrounding vegetation. The floor plans are efficient and sunlight is utilised in the best possible way. These homes are beautiful, light-filled spaces, with stylish interior designs and sustainable natural materials such as wood.
Houses in Finland is the most extensive book ever published presenting the architecture of Finnish single-family houses. It offers useful information and practical beauty for all those fascinated by such houses, for those dreaming of owning one, and for designers and students in the field of building.

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ISBN: 9789516829473

224 pagina's, 320 illustraties, 250 in kleur, 24 × 20 cm, hardcover, Engels