Historic Wooden Architecture in Europe and Russia

Evidence, Study and Restoration

Evgeny Khodakovsky, Siri Skjold Lexau

Birkhaüser, 2015


This collective monograph presents the current state of research regarding contemporary methods of dealing with historic timber structures in Scandinavia, the United Kingdom, Central Europe and Northwest Russia. The chapters are dedicated to the main aspects of the research and deal with archaeological evidence, written sources, the extant buildings themselves as evidence, as well as repair and maintenance. Researchers from four countries examine centuries-old timber structures that include churches, bell towers and dwellings in Europe and Russia. Based on the conclusions of these studies, they demonstrate various methods of archaeological, archival and empirical research and discuss appropriate measures of restoring and maintaining wooden structures. Historical and contemporary photographs along with new drawings richly document the buildings.

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ISBN: 9783035605662

184 pagina's, hardcover, Engels