Heike Hanada: Baustelle, Bauhaus. Bauhaus Museum Weimar 2011-2022

Edition of 300 copies

Heike Hanada (Ed.)

Deutsche Akademie Rom Villa Massimo & Walther und Franz König, 2022


This publication comprehensively documents Heike Hanada’s internationally acclaimed first work by means of drawings and photographs. The transformations during the construction process are excellently reflected in Andrew Albert’s photographs. While the monumental cube positions itself precisely between the city and the landscape as an abstract, minimalist sculpture, it opens up unexpected vistas into the museum’s topography on the inside via cascading staircases and voids. The relevance of all building materials conveys a consistent reminiscence of spacious industrial halls. They meet the most complex museum requirements remarkably well and thus simultaneously cite the workshop character of the founding of the Bauhaus in Weimar in 1919.

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ISBN: 9783753303130

120 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 29,6 x 20,8 cm, paperback, Engels