Heat / Cool. Energy Concepts, Principles, Installations

Manfred Hegger, Joost Hartwig, Michael Keller

Birkhäuser, Basel, 2012


Today, careful energy planning and design has become an integral component of every building task. This third volume of the SCALE series, Heat | Cool, picks up at precisely this point, providing strategies for an energetically sensible and suitable approach to building conditioning as well as its design and constructional integration. In addition to building and facilities services, it places special emphasis on construction and design measures. How much the building itself can achieve in the context of the given climatic, topographical, and town planning framework conditions and to what extent additional installations are required for conditioning, which construction measures are appropriate for which types of tasks within a sustainable and integrated planning approach – all of these topics are discussed on the basis of project examples. The book highlights both the currently available heating, ventilation, and cooling systems as well as the supporting aspects of material properties and the building lifecycle, thus enabling the reader to make a balanced and well – informed selection. Heat | Cool provides a foundation for efficient and optimal building conditioning and its integration into construction and design.

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ISBN: 9783034605137

160 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 28.3 × 22.5 cm, paperback, Engels