Harald Strak: (Verdigris)

Text by Vrouwkje Tuinman

Van Zoetendaal Publishers, 2022


In the new photo book VERDIGRIS by Dutch photographer Harold Strak (1959) the photos from the last 25 years tumble over each other.
Harold Strak builds his own cameras, prepares his own film material, and approaches photography in an almost scientific, technically perfectionist way. He experiments with traces of time in his work, thereby exposing the tension between control and chance. ‘Verdigris’ presents an associative visual narrative in which recent and early work, such as daily images of an old plane tree and traces and remains on glass and other surfaces, are alternated with city views and subsequently merged into high-quality printing ink and paper. The title is a reference to the green or bluish deposit, especially of copper carbonates, that forms on copper, brass, or bronze surfaces.


ISBN: 97890-2532510

120 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 25 x 18,4 cm, paperback in Japanese binding, Engels