Hammershøi and Europe

Kasper Monrad, Karsten Ohrt

Statens Museum for Kunst, Kunsthalle München & Prestel, 2014


Now available in a paperback edition, this comprehensive volume on the great Danish painter Hammershøi places him within the context of his European contemporaries.

This generously illustrated volume examines Hammershøi’s work as a whole and in relation to the artists of his generation. Hammershøi’s enigmatic paintings, with their rich and muted palettes, have always enjoyed enormous popularity in Scandinavia, and recently his work has received renewed attention across the globe. Thematically arranged, this volume includes beautiful reproductions and essays that focus on Hammershøi’s isolated private life and travels; his time in London and Germany; and comparisons between him and such notable painters as Seurat, Gauguin, and Whistler. Fans of this remarkable painter, and anyone interested in modern art, will enjoy this celebration of Hammershøi as a part of the pantheon of great European painters.


ISBN: 9783791353609

256 pagina's, 30 x 24 cm, 192 illustraties in kleur, paperback, Engels