Habiter la terre: L’ Art de bâtir en terre crue – traditions, modernité et avenir

Jean Dethier

Flammarion, 2019


With its dazzling images, this book brilliantly demonstrates that, from now on, the renaissance of earthen architecture is no longer wishful thinking but has become a palpable ecological reality, largely thanks to the militant actions of its authors.
After the memorable exhibition that Jean Dethier devoted to this theme in 1981 at the Center Pompidou, he amplifies and updates here – with a team of the most committed actors – his panorama of inventions specific to the five continents.
An intense passion is expressed in this transhistorical vision of antiquity to the present day: it reveals a multitude of houses, architectures and amazing cities built with the material of their ground anchor.


ISBN: 9782081442818

512 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 31,7 x 24,9 cm, hardcover, Frans