Grüntuch Ernst Architects. Dialogues

Ilka and Andreas Ruby

Distanz Verlag, Berlin, 2013


What is space? How can we experience it with the senses, how understand and rethink its urban and cultural dimensions? These questions stand at the beginning of the work of Grüntuch Ernst architects. They meet the complex requirements of building today by going back to traditional simplicity while producing innovative and ingenious technical solutions—and yet they return, time and again, to the central question of space. The new monograph offers a review of Grüntuch Ernst’s award-winning projects from the past ten years as well as more recent works and successful competition entries such as the German School in Madrid and the conversion of the former Jewish Girls’ School in Berlin into a venue for art and culture. Instead of traditional project descriptions, the book contains personal conversations in which the two architects reflect on the motivations that drive their projects and trace their evolution.

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ISBN: 9783942405843

376 pagina's, 24 × 32 cm, illustraties in kleur, hardcover, Engels