Glenn Slogett: Fibro Dreams (Edition of 500 copies, signed)

Glenn Sloggett, 2014


Australian documentary photographer Glenn Sloggett has been active for 20 years, but this is his first book. Designed by Ania Nalecka, it operates like a kind of scrapbook with its hand-made finish: cropped with a guillotine, some pages torn out, some pasted or taped back in place, plus inserts, stickers and seemingly handwritten captions and notes. Fibro is an inexpensive building material, which confers meaning to the book’s series of images depicting loss and loneliness, a love story told with dark humour. Cheap dreams, modest and enduring, yet often ending in failure, are made tangible in photos that attempt to find the last glimmers of optimism amidst inevitable disrepair.

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ISBN: 9788393336166

96 pages, illustrated, 29 × 22 cm, hardcover, English