Glenn Murcutt: Inside Simpson-Lee House

Ornamento Journal

Glenn Murcutt, Aureliano Ramella, Sofía Romeo

Calmo Publications, 2022


Ornamento gathers a conversation with Glenn Murcutt through different media: dialectics, photography, drawings and documentary film. The discourse, which starts with the Simpson-Lee House, soon extends to the architect’s major concerns such as site, landscape, natural elements, local culture, understanding of technology, materials and ultimately architecture as response. The publication includes two booklets; Text on one side, with Georges Descombes foreword about Murcutt’s work and the interview between Glenn Murcutt and Aureliano Ramella. On the other side a selection of 28 photographs taken by Sofia Romeo. Complementary to the interview, a card will be included in the slipcase where the reader will be able to find a private link to a film called “Inside Simpson-Lee House” by Aureliano Ramella. We are glad to include as well two of Simpson-Lee House original drawings; a 1:40 section and 1:200 house plan.


ISBN: 9788412212440

76 pagina's, 2 volumes + annexes, 36 illustraties, 21,5 x 16 cm, paperbacks geniet, in kartonnen box, Spaans/Engels