Glass in Building: Principles, Applications, Examples

Detail Practice

Bernhard Weller, Kristina Härth, Silke Tasche, Stefan Unnewehr

Birkhaüser, Basel, 2009


“Glass in Building” opens up a whole range of fascinating design possibilities for the planning architect. Glass has long served as a translucent room closing element, but its range of possible uses is actually much wider. It not only offers protection against the external world, for example, noise or fire; despite its apparent fragility, it can even take on load-bearing functions in supporting structures. In combination with various different finishing methods, materials, and coatings, it also satisfies exacting structural-physical standards. “Glass in Building” offers a clear, compact, and illustrated overview of the material-appropriate use of this varied and versatile material in building construction and provides information that goes far beyond the basics on designing with glass and producing and using specialized glass products, as well as on the building and planning regulations that must be taken into account when constructing with glass. A selection of exemplary realized projects rounds out the theoretical section.

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ISBN: 9783034601320

112 pages, 170 illustrations, 70 in colour, Softcover, English