Glass in Architecture: From the Pre- to the Post-industrial Era – Production, Use and Conservation

Sophie Wolf, Laura Hindelang, Francine Giese, Anne Krauter (Eds.)

Vitrocentre Romont & De Gruyter, 2024


Glass is one of the most fascinating and versatile building materials in architectural history. The new insights into glass in architecture are the result of research at the intersection of glass production, construction technology and building culture. Coming from a variety of disciplines, the contributions bridge the divide between natural sciences, humanities and the preservation and restoration of cultural heritage. They explore the crucial role of flat glass in shaping architecture, particularly since the 18th century, and discuss the in-situ restoration of historic windows and glass façades and the importance of preserving this fragile heritage. The topics range from the manufacture of sheet glass in pre-industrial times to the possibilities of repair and reusability of insulating glazing.

With contributions by Océane Bailleul, Peter Bellendorf, Stefan Bichlmair, Catherine Blaine, Anne-Laure Carré, Niels De Temmerman, Matthias Fischer, Susanne Fischer, Waldo Galle, Josef Ganka, Esther Geboes, Emma Groult, Melchior Fischli, Ueli Fritz, Florin Gstöhl, Isabel Haupt, Laura Hindelang, Hauke Horn, Peter Heinrich Jahn, Olivia Jorgji, Dunja Kielmann, Ralf Kilian, Katrin Lenz, Giulia Marino, Christine Milch, Angelika Reiff, Alexandra Schmölder, Logan Sisley, Helen Spencer, Ruth Tenschert, Vitaly Volkov and Sophie Wolf.

– A multi-disciplinary survey of the history of the production and use of flat glass
– From the Roman times to the present day
– New insights on sheet glass as building material and cultural heritage


ISBN: 9783110793406

335 pagina's, 165 kleurillustraties, 24,5 x 17,4 cm, hardcover, Engels/Frans/Duits