Gilberto Zorio (Castello di Rivoli)

M. Beccaria

Castello di Rivoli & Skira, 2017


Castello di Rivoli presents a major retrospective devoted to the work of Gilberto Zorio (b. Andorno Micca, 1944), a contemporary art pioneer and a key member of Arte Povera. This catalog depicts the artist’s imaginative relationship with museum spaces, documenting the exhibition, with key early works to those from present. The book features the widest selection of the artist’s writings ever published, an essays by Marcella Beccaria, a conversation between Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Gilberto Zorio, and a text by Germano Celant. It is enriched by a comprehensive chronology of Zorio’s solo and group exhibitions and an anthology of critical essays on his work from 1963 to the present day by authors including J.C. Ammann, M. Bandini, A. Boatto, E. Coen, C. David, P. Gilardi, G. Maraniello, L. Rogozinski, G. Verzotti, and D. Zacharopoulos

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ISBN: 9788857237671

263 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 25 × 28,7 cm, hardcover, Engels/Italiaans