Geskes.hack Landschaftsarchitekten: In the Park / In den Park gehen

geskes.hack Landscape Architects (Ed.)

Jovis, 2020


With a great deal of precision and a lot of imagination, geskes.hack design parks as locations that simultaneously elicit surprise and build identity—and become a collaborative story told by the planners and visitors. Using practical examples and discussions of theoretical approaches, the book demonstrates the potential of parks in the Anthropocene.
The landscape architecture firm has decisively shaped the aesthetics of German parks and horticultural shows over the past years. Here, it offers an insight into its working methods, which rest on storytelling. The book documents groundbreaking projects such as the Kienbergpark (IGA Berlin 2017) and the Sauerlandpark in Hemer—and, additionally, offers a practical definition of the elements that constitute contemporary parks.


ISBN: 783868595482

264 pagina's, 200 illustraties, 28 x 24 cm, hardcover, Engels/Duits