Gerhard Merz (2010)

Richter Verlag, 2010


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Beautiful publication with works by German artist Gerhard Merz (b. 1947) in two volumes. With vellum sheets and leporello.
Merz has a strictly rationalistic view of art. In his opinion, art is not a form of self-expression, but a systematic process of calculation and verification, of mathematical purity and geometric precision. He is an artist who constructs an oeuvre in a consistent and strictly orthodox manner. All of his works have come about on the basis of a classicist need to organize, in which visual art is always regarded as being inseparable from architecture. But his work is not architectonic. Even his architectural designs for pavilions are sooner an aesthetic stance within a rigidly artistic program than blueprints for pragmatic application.

Our copy is in perfect condition.

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ISBN: 9783941263161

2 volumes in slipcase, 50 unnumbered pages, illustrations in color & b/w with foldouts and second volumr 14 pages leporello, 29,5 x 21,1 cm, paperbacks, English