Geoffrey Bawa. The Complete Works

David Robson

Thames & Hudson, London, 2002


Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, born 1919, fused local construction traditions with modern forms and sensibility to create harmonious and pleasurable buildings that have become legendary in the region and influential around the world. This volume is a documentation and appreciation of the man and his work. Part One contains three chapters on Bawa’s early life, the history of Sri Lankan architecture and Bawa’s first firm, which he eventually took over. Part Two, comprising four chapters, is the heart of the book and presents all Bawa’s major works by project, through extensive texts, drawings and plans. Part Three features two chapters: a long, single chapter devoted to Bawa’s two life-long projects – his house in Colombo and his estate Lunuganga – which came to encapsulate his entire oeuvre; and a postscript which sums up the work and describes its relevance to contemporary architectural practice.

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ISBN: 9780500341872

278 pagina's, 500 illustraties, 250 in kleur, 28 × 26 cm, hardcover, Engels