Freistil: Das Buch der Illustration / The Book of Illustration

Raban Ruddigkeit (Ed.)

Verlag Hermann Schmidt, 2021


Mobile phone cameras that are getting better and better provide tons of pictures, which are almost always beautiful but mostly meaningless. Raban Ruddigkeit counters this flood of images with the power of illustration and presents outstanding new works by illustrators from all over the world. Pictures that say more than a thousand words. Not just depicting, but interpreting. This makes Freistil once again a treasure trove and radar for media people who know about the power of images and their power to change the way viewers think and feel across language barriers. And who are therefore always on the lookout for talented illustrations. At a time when it is necessary to stand up for the freedom of words and images worldwide, Freistil’s editorial focus is on illustrations that show more than others (want to) see. Illuminates the political explosive power of powerful images. And introduces you to artists who teach powerful men to fear.

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ISBN: 9783874399524

400 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24,4 x 17,2 cm, hardcover, Duits/Engels