Frank Horvat

Bruna Biamino, Giovanni Rimoldi

SilvanaEditoriale, 2020


Although he was made famous by his fashion shots published between the mid-1950s and the end of the 1980s, over the course of his long career Frank Horvat (Abbazia, 1928) also worked in the fields of photojournalism, portraits, landscapes, nature and sculpture. The selection of images proposed here offers a unique reading of the entire body of work of Frank Horvat (Abbazia, 1928), through fifteen keys of interpretation defined by Horvat himself and that distinguish the fifteen chapters of the book. The final text, Vraies semblances, confirms the spirit of his work and the special attention he focused on the world of women.


ISBN: 9788836639151

128 pagina's, 200 kleurillustraties, 30 x 24 cm, paperback, Engels/Italiaans