Frank Gehry: The Fondation Louis Vuitton

A Building for the Twenty-First Century

Frédéric Migayrou (Ed.)

Flammarion, Paris, 2015


This volume recounts the story of an architectural, environmental, and technological adventure. It details the challenges posed by creating the newest addition to the Parisian skyline—a building that was conceived by Frank Gehry as the Fondation Louis Vuitton’s premier work of art. Inspired by the new cultural institution, the book’s carefully sequenced chapters reflect each episode in the series of challenges that arose.

A work of reference on the process of designing and building the Fondation, the book offers solutions for architecture professionals while simultaneously remaining accessible and pertinent to the general reader. Featuring interviews with leading architects such as Frank Gehry and Paul Chemetov, technical explanations by the engineers who designed the building, historical essays, and a flash code to additional online content, the book also includes a diverse range of illustrations—from the Jardin d’Acclimation’s archival drawings, to ground plans, elevations, spectacular views of the construction site, and 3-D simulations, as well as formal portraits of the construction workers by Charles Fréger. Together, the rich ensemble of elements demonstrates the vibrant atmosphere of this creative laboratory. The volume unveils itself little by little, just like Frank Gehry’s edifice itself, revealing surprise after surprise in accordance with an unwavering, strong, and coherence design principle.

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ISBN: 9782081332775

236 pagina's, 20,5 × 30 cm, softcover, Engelstalig