Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources – 3 volumes

vol1. Late Medieval to Renaissance, vol.2 The 18th Century, vol.3 The 19th Century, vol.4 The 20th Century to Today

Peter Mc Neil

Berg Publishers, Oxford, 2009

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Over 100 key essays and articles are brought together for the first time and structured by historical focus. The geographical range of the essays crosses Europe, Asia and North America. The essays reveal the wide set of methodological approaches which all bear on the study of Fashion–Sociology, Art History and Cultural History, Anthropology, Social Theory, Dress and Textile Studies.

Ordered chronologically, the four volumes cover the Renaissance, the 18th Century, the 19th Century and the 20th Century-to-today. Each volume is separately introduced and the essays structured into coherent sections on specific themes.

Fashion: Critical and Primary Sources will prove a major scholarly resource for any researchers involved in the study of Fashion, Dress and Costume.

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ISBN: 978-1847882929

1792 p, 3 volumes, hardcover, English