Fantasy and Faith: The Art of Gustave Doré

Eric Zafran, Robert Rosenblum, Lisa Small

Dahesh Museum of Art & Yale University Press, 2007


Gustave Doré (1832-1883) is best known as one of the finest book illustrators of the nineteenth century, but he was also a painter and sculptor of international repute. His illustrated Bible, first published in 1865, has appeared in over 700 editions and in its day was the most successful book in the world. Mentioned by Mark Twain, it has influenced a wide range of popular imagery from the films of Cecil B. DeMille to the illustrations of Edward Gorey. Religious subjects also feature in Doré’s large-scale paintings as well as political commentaries on events of his time, genre scenes, and dramatic landscapes that were especially popular with noted American collectors.
This beautifully illustrated book situates Doré in the context of French nineteenth-century art, focuses on his major works, and assesses his impact on North American collectors and museums.

Our copy has a small tear in the backcover, inside it is in perfect condition.

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ISBN: 9780300107371

224 pages, illustrated, 29,2 x 25,2 cm, hardcover, English