Fantastic Designs in the Store

An Overall Guideline for Designers and Store Owners on Corporate Indentity, Visual Identity and Interior Design

Xia Jiajia Yang Ruizhu

Artpower, 2019


In the age of online shopping, how can physical stores attract shoppers, stimulate buying behaviour, and compete with their virtual rivals? Impressive visual merchandising design may tilt matters in their favour. Not only can it lure the customers across the threshold, but it also establishes and reinforces a unique brand image, anchoring the company in the customer’s mind. Revolving around fashion, lifestyle and food stores, Fantastic Designs in the Store presents over 50 of the hottest and most exciting shop layouts from all over the world. It demonstrates how a shop’s visual dimension influences customer psyche, drawing people in and inviting them to browse. Each project is presented with high-res images and sophisticated description, making this book both an aesthetic journey into the heart of commercial style, and a wonderful reference for designers. No matter whether you are a designer seeking inspiration or a shop manager looking for integrated visual design, this collection will serve you well.


ISBN: 9789881468833

240 pagina's, 400 kleurillustraties, 28,5 x 21,5 cm, hardcover, Engels