Facades – Building Envelopes for the 21st Century

Dirk Hindrichs, Winfried Heusler (Eds.)

Birkhaüser, Basel, 2010 (3th revised edition)


These examples are arranged according to building types and provide an instant overview of the technical possibilities of modern building envelopes. Amongst the architects included are WS Atkins & Partners, Murphy/Jahn, Richard Meier & Partners, Daniel Libeskind, Ingenhoven Overdiek, Gehry Partners, BRT Architekten, Foster and Partners.

Of special note are the exemplary, project specific solutions for building envelopes, where the particular influences on the façade design relative to the proposed use of the building are presented and explained. Office buildings, industrial buildings, arts centres, shopping centres and much more – this book demonstrates solutions and ideas for a multitude of façade designs that are fully illustrated within, including full colour final photographs and initial plan diagrams.

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ISBN: 9783764399597

653 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 24 × 33,5 cm, hardcover, tweetalig Engels/Duits