Fabrics in Fashion: The Complete Textile Guide

Stefanella Sposito

Hoaki, 2023 (Third updated and revised edition)


Fabrics in Fashion is a fabric encyclopedia of textile information that contains everything there is to know about the use of fabrics in fashion design, from the history of the fabric to terminology and explanations of how the fabric will perform, feel and look.

Intended for fashion students and fashion designers, this fabric book is indispensable for sourcing and selecting textiles for fashion. It will guide you to the perfect fabric for every design, helping you find the ideal material to achieve the desired effect and recommending different ways to use it. With a revised and updated selection of photographs from fashion shows that exemplify current fashion trends in which the collections of such renowned designers as Givenchy, Stella McCarthy, Vuitton, Vivian Westwood, van Herpen, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein appeared, the book shows you how some of the most emblematic names in fashion today use fabrics to achieve the highest expression of their creativity. This updated and enlarged edition also includes a detailed technical and historical introduction on the types of fabrics and their classification, the relationship between fabric and the fashion industry and the aesthetic, emotional, commercial and social aspects involved. Stefanella Sposito shares her in-depth technical knowledge as a trained industrial textile expert, fashion and textile designer, and Professor of History of Textiles and Textile Trade in an extensive and detailed text that teaches you what every serious fashion and textile designer needs to know to choose the appropriate fabric for every garment or design. A comprehensive fabric guide ordered by textile type with an explanation of its history, behavior, characteristics and uses, along with photographs that accompany each fabric discussed, this veritable fabric bible is sure to become essential reading for all aspiring and experienced dressmakers and fashion designers.


ISBN: 9788417656966

336 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 x 23.5 cm, hardcover, Engels