Enrico Castellani: Catalogue Raisonné, Volume III

Text by Hans Ulrich Obrist, Fondazione Enrico Castellani (Ed)

Skira, 2023


The third volume of the catalogue raisonné of Enrico Castellani (1930-2017) accompanies the other two volumes published in 2012, which document his works made between 1955 and 2005, and completes the cataloguing regarding the practice of this artist, who died in 2017.
The volume, in Italian/English, divided into various sections, gathers his works on canvas, sculptures, high reliefs and installations registered with the Archive of the Fondazione Enrico Castellani and not included in the previous two volumes of the catalogue raisonné (Skira, 2012). The book is arranged chronologically to follow the authorised cataloging and carries forth the work begun by Renata Wirz, who died in 2016, and promoted by Castellani himself, with whom the publication process and work verification was agreed upon for this final and third volume.
The book, promoted by the Fondazione Enrico Castellani, edited by Lorenzo Wirz Castellani and Federico Sardella and introduced by Hans Ulrich Obrist, together with the two previous publications, represents the vastest monograph dedicated to this artist’s work and, in addition to being an essential tool in identifying his works, fully renders the spirit and modalities of the method of Enrico Castellani, whose final ten years of activity were especially prolific.
The Fondazione Enrico Castellani is devoted to research, appraisal and study so as to ensure the safeguard and conservation of the legacy left behind by Enrico Castellani. Established in 2013 by will of the artist, it carries forth the activity begun in the late 1990s by the Archivio Enrico Castellani, directed since itsfounding by Renata Wirz. The Fondazione Enrico Castellani, presided by Lorenzo Wirz Castellani and managed by Federico Sardella, collaborates with scholars, institutions and museums in organising exhibitions in Italy and abroad and in creating publications, thus contributing to the enhancement of a recent past so as to guarantee continuity.


ISBN: 9788857244037

272 pagina's, 650 kleurillustraties, 28 x 24 cm, hardcover in box, Engels/Italiaans