Emilio Vedova. Scultore/Sculptor

Germano Celant

Fondazione Vedova & Skira, Milano, 2011


Emilio Vedova’s artistic career began in Venice in the mid-1930s. He immediately felt the deep allure of grand Venetian painting and sculpture and, guided by the restless agitation and dynamic mobility of the baroque, was soon plunged into total and extreme three-dimensional involvement. The work in Emilio Vedova Scultore originates precisely from his feeling of being a living and breathing part of the beloved spaces he encountered along his way, inexhaustible sources of stimuli and incitement, which he transformed into volumetric works of sculpture, architecture, opera and theatre. In his 1958 exhibition in Warsaw, the geometrical work mounted on the ceiling of the Zachenta Palace confirms Vedova’s interest in sculpture and his penchant for articulating spatial implications.

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ISBN: 9788857206967

320 pagina's, illus. in kleur, 33 × 24.5 cm, hardcover, Engels