Elles Font l’Abstraction

Christine Macel, Karolina Ziebinska-Lewandowska

Centre Pompidou, 2021


Most exhibitions devoted to the history of abstract art have often overlooked the fundamental role played by women in the development of this trend. The latest research, illustrated by the many recent monographs and thematic exhibitions, makes it possible today, to reassess the importance of their contribution, while questioning old historical patterns.
By focusing on the journeys of these sometimes unjustly eclipsed artists, the exhibition proposes to write a different history of art, extended to dance, the applied arts, photography, film and the performative arts. Far from a simple compilation, the exhibition highlights the decisive turning points that marked this evolution, by evoking both the research undertaken by the artists, individually or in groups, as well as the founding exhibitions.

Exhibition at Centre Pompidou in Paris from 5 May 2021 to 23 August 2021.


ISBN: 9782844268945

344 pagina's, illustraties in kleur, 30,5 x 23 cm, hardcover, Frans