Donald Judd: Architecture in Marfa, Texas

Urs Peter Flückiger

Birkhaüser, 2021 (2nd expanded edition)


His device was: the destruction of new land is a brutality.
Donald Judd was one of the most important exponents of American Minimal Art. Among the lesser-known aspects of his work are the numerous built architectural projects in which he explores the relationship between architecture art, furniture, and landscape. One particular location was of great significance to Judd’s architectural work: Fort D.R. Russell, a former US military base in the Chihuahuan desert on the southern edge of the pioneer town of Marfa, Texas. Judd acquired the fort and other structures in Marfa which he systematically converted into one of the largest ensemble collections of contemporary art in the world.

This new edition updates and expands on the successful book of 2007. It presents two additional building complexes southwest of Marfa and includes a new epilogue by the author, which places Judd’s built architectural work from its beginning at 101 Spring Street, Judd’s studio and residence in New York, and the structures in Marfa in a contemporary context.

– New, extended edition, first book to examine Judd’s architectural work from the perspective of an architect
– Marfa: a place of pilgrimage for architects, landscapers, and artists
– Historical documents, new photographs and drawings

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ISBN: 9783035621617

208 pagina's, 60 illustraties in kleur & 20 z/w, hardcover, Engels