Design Stays: Europe’s Most Inspiring Hotels and Guesthouses Handpicked by Petite Passport

Pauline Egge

Luster, 2024


Pauline Egge has been travelling all over Europe for more than 14 years, carefully and single-handedly selecting the most unique design places to stay, from a colourful hotel in Ibiza and a yoga-haven in Paris, or a bustling design hotel in the Danish capital and an art-nouveau-style retreat in the Dolomites in Italy, to an elegant resort in the Greek island of Samos.

During her visits she immersed herself in the inspiring décor and unique environment of these beautiful hotels and guesthouses, taking photographs and listening to the stories of the architects, the owners, and the staff. She shares her cool and classy travel tips in her online travel magazine Petite Passport, and has now selected 45 favourite places to stay for this coffee-table book, for everyone who loves design and travel just as much as she does.


ISBN: 9789460583612

256 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 25 x 18,5 cm, hardcover, Engels