Daniel Libeskind: The Force of Perception

Urban Environment Design 002 2014/06

Urban Environment Design, Beijing, 2014


This instalment offers a comprehensive profile of architect Daniel Libeskind, including sixteen exemplary works, realised and in progress, plus interviews, essays and a chronology of completed projects. Among the featured works are Dresden’s Military History Museum, extension to the Denver Art Museum, Ground Zero Master Plan, I’Park in Busan, Düsseldorf’s Kö-Bogen office and retail complex and the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre. Each is presented with numerous photos, illustrations and drawings. Also in this issue, an extensive overview of Shanghai’s Power Station of Art, plus a conversation with Christoph Gengnagel (UK Berlin) and Wang Hui (URBANUS).

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ISBN: 9772056684008

200 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 24 × 33 cm, paperback, Engels