Cuban Modernism: Mid-Century Architecture 1940-1970

Victor Deupi, Jean-Francois Lejeune

Birkhaüser, 2021


For several decades, 20th century architecture thrived in Cuba and a wealth of buildings was realized prior to the revolution 1959 and in its wake. The designs comprise luxurious nightclubs and stylish hotels, sports facilities, elegant private homes and apartment complexes. Drawing on the vernacular, their architects defined a way to be modern and Cuban at the same time – creating an architecture oscillating between tradition and avantgarde.
Audacious concrete shells, curving ramps, elegant brises-soleils and a fluidity of interior and exterior spaces are characteristic of an airy, often colorful architecture well-suited to life in the tropics. New photographs and drawings were specially prepared for this publication. A biographical survey portraits the 40 most important Cuban architects of the era.


ISBN: 9783035616415

336 pagina's, 195 illustraties, 28 x 22 cm, hardcover, Engels