Creating Shade: Design, Construction, Technology

Chris van Uffelen

Braun, Publishing, 2013


Protecting human beings has always been one of the most genuine purposes of architecture. Due to the increase in global warming in recent years, protection from the sun is becoming one of its most important functions. This challenge has resulted in numerous trendsetting technological innovations and amazing design concepts, which have been collected in this book. Shade is mainly created in three ways: while opaque constructions block off all light, perforated devices as well as translucent materials reduce the exposure to light.
Creating Shade presents all conceivable types and forms of shade-providing design made of a host of different materials such as wood, fabrics, concrete, and a great number of synthetic materials. The collection includes elegant pergolas, extravagant pavilions, and roofed piazzas, as well as a fascinating solution for a canopy over a Roman excavation site and the spectacular Metropol Parasol in Seville. Outstanding serial products are presented along with individually constructed creations.

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ISBN: 9783037681350

272 pagina's, 588 illustraties in kleur, 22,5 × 29,5 cm, hardcover, Engels